October 22, 2009

Random News Shit

LONDON - OCTOBER 7:  Lil' Wayne performs at Hammersmith Apollo on October 7, 2009 in London, England.
1) Lil Wayne Pleads Guilty To Gun Charge, Gets 1 Year In Prison
Man, I bet he's really regretting the decision to kiss Baby in the mouth now. Well hopefully he won't be in there calling anybody else daddy. How often will Baby be allowed to come in for conjugal visits?? Will the state provide the KY Jelly or is it a B.Y.O.KY kinda thing?? If Wayne becomes a real life version of the chick in his song Kisha, is that considered copyright infringement?? If T-Pain comes to visit, will they auto-tune the phones connected to the glass?? Will Wayne steal the idea and auto-tune his first?? Does this mean The Rebirth is gonna be pushed back again?? Does this mean Cash Money/Young Money will be forced to let one of their other artists actually drop an album?? Do we need anymore proof the Tiny & Toya show was cursed??

Okay, I think that's enough. Just wanted to get all the bad jokes out the way now lol.

2) ESPN's Steve Phillips Admits To Sex Sandal, Takes Leave
This just goes to show that it don't matter who you are, or what you do, niggas still cheat lol. Its the sad truth, I know, I know.

This shit was wild though! This was about to be Steve McNair part 2 around this bitch. I wouldn't put it past her still.

Oh, and did you see the regular ass bitch he cheated with?? If I was ESPN, I'd fire his ass for cheating with somebody looking like that! C'mon son! Its no wonder she is went crazy, she probably never had dick before lol. At least be like Rick Pitino and make ruining your family worth while with somebody fine. I mean, I never saw his wife, but she's GOT to look better than this chick.

Anyway, check out the 911 call Phillips's wife made when Ug showed up at their crib.

3) R. Kelly To Release Untitled Album Dec. 1st
Can you believe this is only R. Kelly's 10th studio album?? I'll be interested to hear how this sounds and I'm praying for another classic like Real Talk lol.

4) Birdman Think Lil Wayne Should've Been #1
I'm not mad at his opinion, he's supposed to think Wayne should've been #1. Its like being a football player on an average or crappy team and being asked if you're gonna make the playoffs, of course you're gonna say yes. The problem I have his him talking about doing the most and having the most. Come on nigga, you know damn well Wayne is NOT making the kinda money Jay-Z is making. There's really nothing more to argue or say, he's just not. End of story.

5) Trick Daddy Wants To Hook Back Up With Trina
Seems like an easy thing to be done, right?? I know Trick left Slip N Slide and all, but he should be able to just call her up. I mean he's probably gonna have to write her verse anyway so it shouldn't be a problem.

(Emphasis on all the "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts" in there.)

6) The Trade Jerry Jones Turned Down Was For TE Bennett
The other day, Jerry Jones admitted that he turned down a major deal at the trade deadline, but didn't want to mention who is was, what it was for, or the other team that was involved. Now their are reports out that it was the Bengals who wanted to make a deal, and Martellus Bennett was the man they wanted.

The ESPN report says this is what "sources" told them, but that probably just means Calvin Watkins (who wrote the story) follow Martellus on Twitter because he's really the one who announced it to the world this morning.

Thank goodness Jerry didn't pull the trigger, I like Marty B. His numbers aren't flashy, but he is a big part of the reason are rushing numbers look so good. Besides, he doesn't get the ball thrown his way often anyway and its hard to get stats without getting the ball. Smart move by Jerry. Now if only he had this will power last year when he was offered that bullshit Roy Williams trade.