October 21, 2009

Tuesday Morning MuZik!

I'm Good Remix

I'm glad they decided to keep the same beat as the original version because the track is straight fiyah! Everybody did their thing on their verse so I definitely fucks with this! This is South Florida cruising music and I love it.

Til The Casket Drops was actually scheduled to drop yesterday, but obviously that never happened.

If you haven't heard, Saigon's mother actually passed away yesterday. Its always tough to lose a love one, but parents especially. I have a few friends that lost theirs and I know its got to be a crazy feeling. Condolences to him and his family.

I remember this shit! It was on either NBA Live 08 or 09! Anyway, what did Wayne really contribute to the track?? He was just in the background making unnecessary auto-tuned chants. I didn't get that, but the original song is hot!

This was on a mixtape at some point, but its tag free now and its actually a good ass song. Its not that classy, but I fucks with it. I'm ready for some new Cass shit!

Speaking of mixtape tracks that are now tagless, here's the good version of that Jim Jones track I said I liked last week. This shit makes me wanna smoke weed and throw middle fingers up at random people in slow motion lol.

I wouldn't be that surprised if we heard a completed version of this on Thank Me Later (maybe as track 1 or 2??). I'm just sayin'.

This was aight, really nothing special.