October 20, 2009

Random New Shit

Nasty Nas Not Paying Taxes...c'mon son!
1) Federal Tax Lien Filed Against Nas
What the fuck is going on?? Didn't Meth just get popped for not paying his taxes like last week?? Now its coming out that my man Nas owes $2,584,206.31 (and really does the government REALLY need the 31 cent??) for not paying taxes in 2006 and 2007.

I know most celebs hire people to take care of their money for them, but c'mon son, y'all gotta make sure your taxes are done! Uncle Sam see's no race when he wants his damn money.

Speaking of Nas, what ever happened to that album with Damien Marley??

2) Just Blaze Confirms Working On Relapse 2
Wow, this ought to be interesting. I'm trying to imagine it, but I can't even put together how Eminem is gonna sound on a Just Blaze beat lol. I don't know if he's gonna get some slow, soulful shit like Just gave Jay-Z for Blueprint 1, or some of the more uptempo stuff he gave Joe Budden in '03?? I can't wait to hear what they cook up.

3) Stephon Marbury To Sit Out 2009-10 Season
Negro, you played in just 47 games from 2007-2009 (and not because of injury), what do you need to "shut everything down" for?? Lets keep it funky Steph, nobody is trying to bring you in. Of course you did pretty much nothing in your stint with the Celtics last year, but if Allen Iverson had a hard time finding a team and had to settle for Memphis, I KNOW no teams were checking for you. C'mon son! Keep it real!

4) WNBA's Detroit Shock Moving To Tulsa
This is just sad. I think it says more about the state of the WNBA than it does the city of Detroit. Nobody wants to watch girls play basketball, that's just the bottomline.

Friend of the B.S. Report, Kevin Wildes, actually had some pretty good ideas to keep people interested in the WNBA like shortening the goals so the ladies could dunk. The things he said made sense, so later on after work I'll go try to find it and post it up.