October 19, 2009

Its Good To Be A Cowboy!

Wow, what a great day to be a Cowboy fan! We got to take the weekend off to rest AND got to watch all 3 of our divisional opponents lose. Don't get no better than that!

The Giants understandably got embarrassed by the high flying Saints, the Redskins continued their campaign to get Jim Zorn fired by giving a 4th team its 1st win of 2009, and the Eagles went to Oakland and got handle by a team quarterbacked by JaMarcus Russell!

The Eagles loss is easily the most surprising because this time last week the Raiders were licking their wounds after being blasted by the Giants 44-7. Somehow Philly made Russell look like a nearly competent QB. Shit was sad. Hilarious, but still sad.

All in all, I was initially sad about no Cowboys football, but the rest of the NFC East stinking it up today made it all worth it. Life is good. Falcons fans, get ready!