October 18, 2009

Lloyd Banks - Love Come Down (Remix)

This is actually Dirty Money's song, but this version is gonna be on Banks' new mixtape.

Can we get the rights to this track signed over to Lloyd Banks?? Shit sounded hot until he stopped rapping. Don't get me wrong, this was MUCH better than Angels on Dirty Money's behalf, but Banks part just sounded hotter.

And what's up with the random samples that have nothing to do with anything that Dirty Money has used on these first 2 tracks?? First they had a random excerpt from Big's verse on Get On Your Grind from Biggie Duets AND the beat from Jay-Z's Where I'm From on a song called Angels. Now on this shit they have a random excerpt from one of Jay-Z's verses on Izzo which had nothing to do with love or it coming down. I don't get it.