October 05, 2009

Gucci Mane - Wasted (feat. Plies) Video

This might have been a hit if this was still 2006. Nigga talking about being a rockstar and sippin' on purple syrup and shit, that shit been over, ask the Shop Boyz lol.

Anyway, I'm still trying to figure out how Gucci Mane is "hot" now all of a sudden? So far, all I've gathered is that he's basically hot because people keep saying he's hot. There's no tangible evidence of him actually being hot outside of people blindly saying so or people saying dumb shit like, "he's hot in the streets." Does he even have an album dropping?? Seriously, what is he doing or has he done to now make him so hot?? No album sales, no hit single, no features on hit singles (the version of Mariah's Obsessed in the top 10 is the original version, not the remix), no major tour, no break-out mixtape, no classic freestyles, no good music, no nothing! I don't get it.

More on this when I disect MTV's Eminem-less "Hottest" MCs list later.