October 08, 2009

OSU's Dez Bryant Ruled Ineligible By NCAA For Lying

"Lying about what??" You may be wondering right now. You're not gonna believe this, but the NCAA ruled Dez Bryant ineligible for lying about visiting Deion Sanders at his home. That's right, he lied about visiting Deion Sanders at his home. He didn't get into a fight at a club, he didn't rob anybody, he didn't cheat on his SATs, he's not a man, he's not 40 (shouts to Mike Gundy lol), he visited Deion Sanders. That's it. And he can't play football for the rest of the year because of it.

This is such bullshit its not even funny! The NCAA is a fuckin' joke! They don't care about these kids, all they wanna do is make money off of them and pass down bullshit rulings like this and its sickening. I don't know if they realize it, but they aren't judges, lawyers, or federal agents and Bryant was neither on trial nor under oath. Was Bryant lying wrong?? Yes. Was it so wrong that he can't play football anymore this year?? Fuck no!

This is why I don't watch college football or play college football video games now. I shake my head at the bitch ass cowards at the NCAA. Fuck 'em.

(Side note: Check out Jason Whitlock's NFL Truths column where he basically says Deion Sanders is a worse mentor than Master P was a sports agent.)