October 05, 2009

Method Man Arrested For Not Paying His Damn Taxes

If you haven't heard, Meth turned himself in today for not paying $32,799 in back taxes dating back to 2004. If found guilty, Meth is looking at about 4 years up north!

Two things: 1) Come on Meth, you gotta do better than this, man! I know you not the richest rapper in the game, but I KNOW you had that 33 G's sitting around somewhere. 2) $32,799 seems like a small amount of money to be facing 4 years over, no?? I mean I don't really know much about the laws and tax evasion, but damn, I thought that kinda time was reserved for the big fish who owe upwards of a million?? Oh well, tough break my nig, hope everything works out.

(Side note: I pray he doesn't use the "I got high and forgot" defense again lol.)