October 06, 2009

Shyne To Be Released Today

After serving 9 of his 10 year sentence Shyne Po is scheduled to be released today, October 6th. Of course a lot of people are gonna front like they care when they really could care less about him. And not just fans either, rappers too. Whatever, I'm just happy dude is coming home. I wonder if Diddy will go and pick him up for good measures?? Yeah, I doubt it lol. A better question would be who will he make a diss for 1st, Diddy or 50 Cent?? I'm guessing 50.

Hey, here's something you might not have known: You know Keyshia Cole's manager Manny?? Well he started out working with Shyne and helped him get on back in the day. Why am I telling you this now?? I have no idea, I just thought it was interesting and I've been wanting to say that since I found out a few months ago lol.