August 07, 2009

The Hairless Wonder Contest & Top 5 Hairstyle I Would've Picked

Very gangsta contest. The reigning "Most Beautiful Bald Celebrity" (I'm convinced that award is the only reason Amber Rose is bald lol) gave out a cash prize to the winner. I feel like I should have known about this contest because there's no way I would've lost! Who was gonna be fuckin' with my Donald Trump comb-over pic?? That's right, nobody! I got 'em next time though lol.

Top 5 Other Hairstyles I would've given Charlie V.:

5) The Al Sharpton perm
4) The Don King blow-out
3) The Little Richie from "Family Matters" shag
2) Eddie Murphy's James Thunder Early wig from "Dreamgirls"
1) The Kid from Kid 'N Play high top fade

Honorable mention goes to The Rod Blagojevich.