August 09, 2009

Joe Budden Speaks On Getting His Eye Dotted

While I was letting off steam from showing up to work Saturday to find out the building was closed and the fact nobody bothered to tell me, Joe Budden was getting a mean one across the eye. I have no idea what happened so here's the word from

Raekwon came in with like 7 people and a camera while Joe Budden was streaming live and confronted Joe Budden about his apology video. Joe Budden then stopped streaming and was punched in the eye by one of the people with Raekwon. The punch was filmed by Raekwon and footage should be surfacing soon. Joe Budden is streaming now live talking about what happened. I will be updating as the story continues. Via

Quite random. I thought that beef was over anyway?? And why are these ninjas so concerned about defending Method Man's honor when he's not?? I don't know, this was just dumb, but Joey probably had this coming for awhile lol.