August 20, 2009

Plax Pleas Guilty, Gets 2 Years Up North

Plaxico Burress
Two years for essentially just shooting yourself?? I mean I know the charges are for having a loaded gun in a public place, but at the end of the day there was no criminal intent, he wasn't there to rob anyone, and at the end of the day he only harmed himself. This is an act of stupidity NOT a violent crime that warrants 2 years in prison. So we're really going to take yet another black father from his family because he was trying to protect himself and did something stupid. Really?? That's justice being served??

On the other hand, REPORTS surfaced back in May that Plax's lawyers had worked out a plea bargain for 3 months jail time that would have actually ended up being 2 months with 1,500 hours of community service. According to those same REPORTS, Plax turned that deal down because he was "deathly" afraid of going to prison.

If those REPORTS are true (and I have a strong feeling they are), then I feel like Plaxico is even dumber than I thought. At the end of the day, was the 2 year penalty too harsh?? I say yes, but why not just take the 2-3 months and community service when offered?? I can't even defend that because once Michael Bloomberg came out and spoke on this he should have known they'd try to make an example out of him if he even thought about taking this to trail. He should have known better, but then again, he should have known better than to even put himself in this position.

At first when the story broke late November last year, it was pretty funny. Now, its just really sad. Like I actually feel bad for Plaxico because this was one case when being a celebrity backfired. You have to remember, there was NO police report filed in this case by the night club, hospital, or Plax and the only reason the authorities knew about it is because he was Plaxico Burress. If it were you or me in the same situation where neither the night club nor hospital reported it to authorities we would've gotten off with no jail time. Now his football career is pretty much all but over and his kids won't have a father for the next 2 years maily because he's a professional athlete. That's the toughest of the tough breaks.